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The agency has managed all our online marketing efforts for years now. Our website, Google Business Profile, Social Media, and Google ads. We have more commercial keywords, rankings, and organic traffic than ever. The ad leads come in exactly as predicted. We used to handle this in-house, but the equality of work is significantly higher through the agency! That’s why they have been with us so long. 🤩
We were at MarketCrest LLC last week to record video content and photography in their on-site studio. Kleine, Emma, and Scott were fantastic because being on camera is not our thing. But they made it fun, and we’re excited to see the final product. They already manage all of our digital marketing. Hire them!
We Use MarketCrest LLC for our digital marketing to include website, SEO, Social Media, content, and Google Maps profile. In addition, we participated in an onsite, entire podcast session and photoshoot to create fresh content for the website and social media. They know the contractor space and digital marketing for sure!
MarketCrest LLC helped me get my brand new firm named, branded, and launched when we first went live. Including the website, social media, and Google Business profile. Would have been really tough without their help. Good Guys!
I want to express my sincere gratitude to MarketCrest, especially Kleine, for undertaking my video project. Working on the same floor has allowed us to interact regularly, and I have consistently found them to be professional, friendly, and incredibly talented. Witnessing Kleine and Scott’s expertise in the studio while recording podcasts and video content was so impressive that I couldn’t resist asking them to produce something for my website and social media.
Scott and his team are absolutely amazing. There are marketing gurus, especially when it comes to social media and online advertising.
Kleine did some wonderful work and the entire staff was a joy to work with!!
An amazing team that always keeps the clients needs in the forefront of their efforts. Luc was always available and very professional
Scott Berry is an absolute creative genius! His infectious enthusiasm for ensuring a gratifying end product is truly inspiring. I appreciate his remarkable energy and genuine interest in both my business and its ultimate success. Highly recommend his services!
Great experience & amazing team. Got my new website built & very professional!!!
MarketCrest has done an incredible job managing our online advertising and have been nothing short of professional. Throughout our time together, they have advised me and implemented the best online marketing strategies and have helped elevate our website and business to another level. I highly recommend their services, and truly believe they can assist in implementing and executing an ideal marketing plan for your business.
Proud to say we recently sold our home services company and retired after 25+ years. We’ve relied on MarketCrest to Manage hosting and website leads for our business for over 5 years. We always had a steady stream of leads to compliment our own sales efforts and the new clients seemed to always come at the perfect time! We’ve learned internet marketing works and so does social media. So many people using Google these days, might as well make yourself easy to find!
We aren’t the usual fit for a digital marketer like MarketCrest, but we had connections and were in dire need for website, social media and Google Business mgt. We don’t run traditional ads so those three channels were virtually all we had plus word of mouth. Gloria has been our manager and social media presence skyrocketed. We built a following well over 6,000 people and a private FB group of over 1,000 wild and crazy fans. We were able to double our revenues and then double them AGAIN! No way we have this type of success without Gloria, Hayden, and MarketCrest. Again, they are mostly in the Legal and Contractor space but we found some of those skills and expertise transfer to other sectors.
We have been working with Marketcrest for some time now and their work is nothing short of spectacular. We love our new Facelogic spa website and our social media presence they have created! They did an on-site photo shoot with my team and created so much amazing content out of one afternoon I could not believe it!

They are also currently working on a project for my coaching business. There were some tricky parts to navigate, but they pulled it off and on the shortest deadline imaginable. Some days they are like magicians. This has been one of those days.

They will bend over backwards to make things happen. Scott (the CEO) is the kind of person you can call at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon in a predicament and he will find resources to help you out. The whole team will jump in and rally around you.

If you are looking for a marketing agency, I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Growth driven experts! A+
Appreciation they say is an application for more. If I fail to acknowledge you it’ll shows how ungrateful I am. I can’t be less grateful to a woman who God has used in blessing me and my family in general. I was introduced to Mrs Emily Alison few months back Right now I know how much I can boast of about my financial state. She helped me with the little capital I invested with and I made so much profit($19,600) for myself and my family. Thank you so much Mrs Emily Alison, and if you are also finding it difficult trading for yourself contact her now Via
WhatsApp: +1(248) 266-2859
“Success doesn’t come to you, You go to it… I’m not the one to call you to invest and have a bright financial situation. If you know what’s right, you’re supposed to contact her now and start trading as soon as possible.
I saw a page review about Miss Evelyn Fedrick,and I must confess that she is a good trader and best in her field, She managed my account after I invested $100 I got $13,500 within few day’s of investment.with Evelyn Fedrick, your money is 100% secured,. Trust me you have nothing to lose
You can contact her via
WhatsApp: +18565301110
Loved working with MarketCrest! They have completely renovated our spas look. From the new website looking more amazing than ever, to seeing myself on ads on social media never having to rely on stock photos again. Klein took photos and videos and made the process super fun, she posed us with products and clients to and had a true passion for photography. I hope we are able to work again with MarketCrest soon!
Market Crest is a pleasure! Lily and Kleine are amazing, so talented, and are always coming up with great ideas. Very professional! Would absolutely work with them again
If you’re in need of digital marketing assistance MarketCrest is undoubtedly the best agency I’ve ever worked with. Scott Berry, the owner, was awesome to work with and his knowledge in things such as PPC, SEO, Web optimization, and more has been so very valuable. I can’t recommend these guys enough if you need an upgrade to your digital presence the team at MarketCrest can get you where you need to go with your business.
MarketCrest is an outstanding digital marketing agency. They have a huge range of services from SEO, PPC, content marketing and more making them a valuable resource for any of your business needs. I highly recommend MarketCrest their team is professional and owner Scott Berry has been a pleasure to work with. If you’re business is in need of any assistance in the marketing department give them a call you won’t regret it!
Scott is a great guy! Very knowledgeable and he has helped me out a ton couldn’t recommend someone better.
A friend of mine who is an immigration attorney in the Bay Area recommended me to Scott. She raved about how much her business has increased since she started using his services for her online advertisements. Given how frugal my friend is, I knew Scott had to be exceptional given the amount of money she said she was spending with him.Although my business is totally unrelated to this speciality, Scott agreed to take me as a client on a trial basis. He was a delight to work with and gave me lots of advice which has increased my business. And he served as a judge on a contest I sponsored for the DIY community.After the trial basis, although we enjoyed working together, we agreed that my business mix was not a match for his expertise. I appreciate Scott’s integrity about his decision. He takes on clients that he is 100% certain that he can provide measurable results and tangible benefits (aka increased sales).So if you are an immigration attorney, Scott should be your go-to person to get more customers.
I wanted to give Scott, Lily and Market Crest a 5 star thank you for all the support they have provided to Mercer Company. Commercial Real Estate is an industry like no other, full of technical language, more acronyms than the Federal Government, Market Crest took the enormous challenge & has done an outstanding job. One project that stands out from the rest is the “Owner Reports”, a complex spreadsheet that tracks; property tours, inquiries, transaction history, the information collected is updated daily, all I can say is what we thought was an impossible feat, Market Crest’s steadfast approach towards this project has made it possible. Great Work!
Scott and his team provided me with excellent information on how to generate the leads I need to grow my business. They are indeed experts that I highly recommend anyone serious about growing their business should reach out to Scott and his team.
Prior to meeting the team at MarketCrest, the law firm was essentially a solopreneur firm. After witnessing what MarketCrest accomplished at an immigration law firm in Dallas, we hired them to implement similar campaigns.

We started with Paid Ads (PPC) to fund marketing expansion into SEO, website content, GMB and social. There is significant online demand for Immigration attorneys in out area, so we knew there was room for growth if people could find us.

Website traffic during this time grew from approximately 50 visits per month to 3,400 As a result, qualified lead count improved 4,600% from 10 to 468 per month. With potential new clients contacting us daily for consultations, the law firm was able to increase annual sales from $60k to $800k.

Today we are a completely improved firm, employing 8 staff and considering expansion into new markets. We’re confident our marketing agency can get us there, and we’ve built a team capable of maintaining our high level of client service. Read our case study and ask the MarketCrest team if your firm could be capable of similar growth.
My business consultant observed the growth of an Immigration Law firm in Texas and recommended I speak with the founder to learn his secret. Immediately he reveled that his “secret” was the team at MarketCrest who had spent a couple years housed inside their law office.

After a single conversation with MC, I knew they were a different breed of marketer.

Our marketing program was built from scratch based on my firm’s current state, priorities, and ambitions.

My law firm was founded in 2003 but in 2022 alone:
• Organic keywords increased 400%
• Organic website traffic increased 800%
• Paid campaigns have delivered new consults and cases at a 9X ROMI
• The firm enjoyed its best revenue in years
• We’ve expanded our offices to accommodate the increase in client engagement

Ours is a strategic relationship where we discuss marketing opportunities, options, pricing, systems, processes, entrepreneurship, acquisitions, networking, and more. This is exactly the type of marketing firm I recommend based on their knowledge of law firm marketing (especially Immigration Law Marketing) and the daily life of an immigration firm.

If you are a professional law firm looking for a single agency that can manage marketing, advertising, AND repeatedly get results, I highly recommend this team.
My business mentor observed the growth of an Immigration Law firm in Texas and recommended I speak with the firm’s founder to learn his secret. Immediately he revealed that his “secret” was his marketing Director Scott Berry, and the team at MarketCrest who worked inside the founder’s office.After a single conversation, I knew they were a different breed of marketer.They built me a custom marketing program was built from scratch based on my firm’s current state, priorities, and ambitions.My firm was founded back in 2003 so we’ve been at this for a while. In the first year after hiring MarketCrest:· Organic keywords we ranked for increased 400%· Organic website traffic increased 800%· Paid campaigns have delivered new consults and cases at a 9X ROMI· The firm enjoyed record-breaking revenue· We’ve expanded our offices to accommodate the increase in consultations and clientsOurs is a strategic relationship where we discuss marketing opportunities, options, pricing, systems, processes, entrepreneurship, acquisitions, networking, and more. This is exactly the type of marketing firm you need because they are masters of law firm marketing, and understand how to positively impact the daily grind of a firm. I’ve referred close friends and if you are a law firm looking for a single agency that can manage marketing, advertising, and return on marketing investment, I highly recommend them to you.
5 Stars for Scott and his MarketCrest crew. They genuinely care about their client’s success.I was initially struck by their level of interest and strategic thinking when I first reached out. Their genuine concern for clients and their business is evident in the caliber of the team’s work. Working with MarketCrest may be the best business decision you’ve ever made. They certainly inspired me to restructure my team and increase our bottom line.
I had the pleasure of interning for MarketCrest over the summer and had the best experience. This company really cares for its employees and played a big role in my education in marketing. Everyone in office made sure that I understood tasks before handing them to me and they truly wanted me to succeed. Along with caring for their employees, MarketCrest cares even more for their clients. I watched the team work above and beyond for clients. I would highly recommend this company to both work for and work with.
Working with MarketCrest to build our business website turned out to be a wise decision! Our previous website wasn’t helping promote the business and we need to launch a brand-new service.They first rebuilt the website to cover all services and function better for users. Then we entered our business in core local and national citations to help build our online presence and ability to be found easily.In phase III the agency began managing our social media and paid ads. We’ve experienced a noticeable uptick in leads & business and use our monthly marketing calls to review deliverables and campaign results.Your customers can’t hire you unless they can find you!
We’re an immigration law firm in the States. Until MarketCrest, we’ve never met a marketing specialist, or agency, that delivered as promised and earned a proper return on our marketing investment.MarketCrest promised proven immigration specific lead campaigns that could generate positive returns on ads. They just sounded different from any agency we’ve worked with, and instincts told me these guys were legitimate.We hired them to manage our Google Ads. To their credit, the results from MC were pretty quick, and we have seen real increases in revenue! All you have to do is ask for a complimentary strategy call, share your sales goal and ask for a plan to meet your goals.
The team at MarketCrest helped my law firm produce more organic traffic and leads than we’ve ever experienced. Within 12 months we’ve set all-time records on website Domain Rating (up 35%), Referring Domains and Pages (up 50%), Organic Keywords (up 200%) and Organic Traffic Value (up 260%). We are very pleased to see quick and consistent SEO results which has been fueling our lead growth.
MarketCrest handles online presence and lead generation for our immigration firm. Our sales have grown so much that we’ve hired over 25 additional employees to keep up with the consultations and case load. We currently have over one thousand qualified leads per month to work with and the team handles 100% of our marketing needs so we can focus on consultations and getting hired.The MarketCrest team spent over 2 years officed in our law firm. They sat in on meetings; monitored processes; reviewed results; provided coaching; and problem solved with us on general business issues and of course, lead generation.It’s hard to imagine another agency with this much inside experience about growing and scaling a law firm. I highly recommend them.
We’ve been working with MarketCrest for almost 2 years now. They manage the branding, website, social media, content and paid ad campaigns for one of my businesses. I highly recommend this team for any B2C companies looking to build your online presence and attract leads. We’ve had success organically and through paid advertising. You’ll have a hard time finding a marketing group more honest and transparent about marketing strategy and deliverables. The agency will 100% deliver on their statement of work and stand behind each deliverable. (Use them for marketing consulting)
My startup hired MarketCrest to jump start our online presence and to provide us with overall Marketing consulting from new logos to branding and messaging. In fact, they were the firm to jumpstart our entire online presence including our first website, it’s copy and both GMB profiles. I’ve already recommended them to 3-4 other companies, who all hired them!”.
I am the Director of Investor relations for Champion Investments. We are a Venture Capital firm that deals with early to mid stage companies. I have worked with MarketCrest on a few projects. I have been impressed more and more each time that we use them for one of our clients companies.The knowledge that the staff has in their industry is remarkable and I have used them as industry experts on conference calls when we meet with clients that were being told the wrong information by other firms.
I’ve worked with Marketcrest on a few different branding matters- highly professional and a pleasure to work with.
I’m currently in the process of completing my internship this summer at MarketCrest as a college student graduating this fall. I have already gained an enormous amount of insight and knowledge about marketing that isn’t taught in the classroom. The staff has done an amazing job at teaching me all the tools and software I will need to succeed in my future career. Here’s some of the work I’ve done so far: EDDM flyers, table tent advertising, videos, and more.
We’ve been working with the MarketCrest team since January 2020 and the results have been dramatic. 2020 was a horrible year for our industry but it seems while our peers were having a difficult time, we doubled our revenue and increased our social media fan base to the #1 position in the metroplex. They manage our WordPress website, GMB profile, Social Media, Branding and messaging. We have more website traffic, leads, social followers and exposure on platforms like Facebook and Instagram than we thought possible. We love how quickly they are to respond to our social media needs and it is liking having an extension of our own staff. If you have questions about how best to market your firm or are looking for a permanent agency to promote your business, we highly recommend MarketCrest based on their strategies, transparency and results.
Scott and MarketCrest have provided us with a fresh look and enhanced and more productive approach to social media. Thanks, Scott!
I had the opportunity to work as a 2018 Summer Intern with MarketCrest and I learned so much. Not only did I learn about the marketing world through assignments that actually mattered and impacted the company, I learned how to work productively in a small office setting. I loved getting to know the staff, they are wonderful people and expert in their field. I am lucky to have worked with MarketCrest and anyone who is looking for the best summer internship opportunity will find it in Downtown McKinney (or wherever MarketCrest is!)
Scott Berry spoke at an Association for Women in Communications meeting last night and was so helpful! He was able to share his broad experience with the communications majors and provide them with helpful resources and opportunities in just an hour!
Scott Berry came to Oklahoma State University and spoke with the Association of Women in Communications. His talk was informative, inspiring and quite entertaining as well! Very grateful our students had the honor of hearing his advice about pursuing a career in the exciting field of digital marketing.
Perfection, Scott & His Team Go Beyond Marketing Strategy. They understand Your Needs and help build a plan to grow your business. I’m so happy I was referred from a current client. Thank You MarketCrest For Growing My Business.
Sitting in the MarketCrest Offices discussing Ag Gear Sales and Marketing strategies w Scott Berry. Best hour I have spent in a long time.
These guys have us dialed in!!
Scott, Rachel and Hayden are crushing it with helping small and medium-sized businesses exponentially growth their revenue! I have known this incredibly talented team for over three years and have seen them double and even triple sale for a number of companies. I can highly recommend MarketCrest without reservation!
Excellent demeanor and knowledge on SEO and marketing in general. Very informative and a great resource for everything involving online business strategy. I highly recommend. A+++++++
I was an intern for MarketCrest for 5 months and absolutely loved it! Scott is a great mentor who has the highest respect for his employees and clients. This internship gave me an inside look at SEO Marketing and advanced my knowledge of social media and marketing. Scott’s passion for his work motivated me every day when working on projects and new ideas. MarketCrest will give you anything and everything you’re looking for when it comes to your business!
Our partnership with Marketcrest began last year when we realized that our the marketing firm we had partnered with previously lacked the capabilities and expertise that we needed. We began our partnership with a three month consulting project developing marketing and sales plans. Upon completion of that project, it was clear that Marketcrest possessed the capabilities and expertise that we needed to pursue a longer term role and partnership between BR Williams and Marketcrest. One of the things I appreciate most about Marketcrest is the fact that they could do it all for us, but seemed to have no preference as to what portion they handled. They even trained our marketing department on how to handle the facets of the marketing plan that we wanted to handle in house, but lacked the expertise to do so. That is a TRUE partner.
I absolutely loved getting to work with Scott and the team while interning with the company. It was a great learning experience, as well as fantastic company to be apart of. Scott is always willing to help the individuals he hires to help them grow and thrive, just like the businesses he works with today.
I have been working with MarketCrest on the London Offices content strategy and execution, SEO and social media promotion. I highly recommend using market crest for your online services; they are a greatly knowledgeable and very helpful team.
I have been working with MarketCrest on the London Offices content strategy and execution, SEO and social media promotion. I highly recommend using market crest for your online services; they are a greatly knowledgeable and very helpful team.
My company has been working with MarketCrest for 2 months and we have made more strides in marketing than we have in the first 57 years of business without them!
Scott Berry and his team know what they are doing! They know how to get a company noticed and drive results, which is what it’s all about!
In a world filled with noise, you need a company that will cut through the noise and position your company for maximum ROI. When it comes to SEO and Online Marketing Solutions, look no further. MarketCrest is your total solutions company!
Inbound marketing has the maximum returns than any other type of marketing. Scott is an expert at helping businesses do inbound marketing. You need to get with him to help you grow your business with the right marketing strategy.
Scott is the Content Marketing Guru. He is passionate and very knowledgable about SEO, content marketing, and how to marketing effectively in today’s world. I definitely recommend sitting down with him to learn how he can help up your game online.

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