Legal Case Study: Website Optimization, Traffic & Conversion Results

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Davis & Associates is a North Texas based immigration law firm that provides immigration law services to clients globally.

MarketCrest collaborates with Improve & Grow when working with Davis & Associates. Collectively, the three companies have partnered for nearly two years and enjoyed great success.

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Case Study Overview:

The agencies were able to leverage the Davis & Associates website to increase Traffic by 590% and Conversions by 245%. The team redesigned landing, services, contact us and location pages; restyled Call To Actions; created original blog articles, introduced a new Free Consultation Form, and more.

Website Goal and Objectives:

The goal of obtaining extreme growth through a high converting website was broken down into several measurable objectives:

  1. Attract more traffic from online search engines
  2. Convert existing website traffic at a higher rate
  3. Improve website visitor engagement experience

 Strategy & Tactics:

To attract more traffic, MarketCrest and Improve & Grow:

  • Analyzed research & data to identify top keywords & create a content, SEO & PPC strategy
  • Created a news page that is continuously updated with SEO optimized content
  • Reconfigured PPC campaigns with a focus on keyword strategy
  • Created key service pages and location pages on the website

To convert existing website traffic at a higher rate, MarketCrest and Improve & Grow:

  • Optimized existing website copy for target keywords & key services
  • Created a Spanish version of the website with all key pages and articles
  • Added Calls-to Action on key pages and articles
  • Added call tracking phone numbers
  • Added a map to the office, and presented the lead attorney on the contact forms

To improve website visitor engagement, MarketCrest and Improve & Grow:

  • Added an interactive map with the Dallas, TX office location
  • Added a message and photo of the lead attorney on contact forms
  • Implemented full-scale content marketing campaign including blogs, emails, social media, video, etc.

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