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We’ve mastered the marketing services that will get you found on google, drive traffic to your site, generate leads and support your law firm. 

Content Marketing

Great content is loved by consumers and search engines alike. Out clients receive their own custom content strategy based on their needs. There's no cookie-cutter plan for everyone.

Social Media Marketing

Over 1/3 of your potential client base will interact with your online profiles in some form or another before making a single call or email.
How's your social presence?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

While we build your organic results & site authority, our PPC experts can propel your firm to the top of Google instantly with campaigns that drive high-value visitors with the greatest likelihood to convert.

Free Strategy Sessions

Looking for some guidance for your law firm's marketing strategy? Book a free strategy session to get feedback on your current strategies and direction on what you should do next.

Search Engine Optimization

Potential clients are searching for your services right now. Is your firm being found?
Make sure clients find you first with our proven SEO services.

Website Design & Development

Every day there are around six billion searches conducted on Google alone. With that kind of traffic, no firm can afford to go without an optimized website that can convert a search into a client.

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We understand the pressures law firm owners face to hit their sales numbers.

Could you use 200% more website traffic or 6X more in-person consults with prospects?

What about record-breaking net profits in only 6 months? 

We roll up our sleeves and problem solve with you, challenging the status quo and making lasting strategy and revenue improvements with our marketing services.

MarketCrest is unique in that our marketing services are not deployed until there is a strategy in place with projected ROI so that results can be actively monitored and tactics can be adjusted to squeeze extra return from the campaigns

Our Award-Winning Marketing Approach

Develop Strategy

Drive Traffic

Engage Users

Generate Leads

Develop Strategy

Every successful campaign begins with a sound strategy that is informed by careful research and analysis. Our comprehensive online marketing strategy includes the following assessments.

  • Website Assessment – Assessment of current website in three main areas: on-site SEO, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • On-Site Assessment – Assessment of current website analytics including traffic, bounce rates and conversion rates in total vs. industry benchmarks.
  • Off-Site Assessment – Assessment of off-site online presence including an audit of your business directories, backlinks, online reviews, social media activity and brand mentions.


Market & Competitive Research – Assessment of your local online search market size including competitive positioning, and identification of key online competitors based on SERP & keyword research plus an assessment of your SEO & traffic profiles.

Content Marketing Audit – Assessment of the quality and performance of your current online content: blog articles, pictures, video, infographics, etc.

Paid Campaigns Assessment – Assessment of current paid advertising campaigns; Objective review of campaign effectiveness vs. industry benchmarks.

Projected Financial Opportunity – Provide a prioritized list of actionable recommendations based on our findings and include a statistically based model of the projected financial results.

Drive Traffic

To generate qualified leads for your business, we first need to bring traffic to your website from users within your target audience.

There are many different strategies to build online traffic.

Organic (SEO) Campaigns – Did you know that 81% of online research begins on a search engine? MarketCrest’s marketing services help attract users to your website that are already seeking your services by making your website and content more visible for the keywords that matter.

Paid (PPC) Campaigns – Research shows visitors clicking on paid ads are 65% more likely to have commercial intent. It can take time to build traffic organically, so we help jump-start your results utilizing the best PPC approaches.

Referral Partner Campaigns – It can take 6-9 months to get your website ranking on the first page for target keywords. Leverage the networks already established in your industry by partnering with non-competitive websites that are ranking for your coveted keywords.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns – It is estimated that 80% of the time we spend online is on social media. Reach your target audience where they live, continue the discussion with engaging content and boost your impressions with Social Media Advertising.

Email Marketing Campaigns – Keep the conversation going to build brand loyalty and referrals. With our email marketing automation technology, you can communicate based on user triggers with relevant information instead of just randomly pounding your list with promotional messages.

Engage Users

 Getting qualified traffic is just the first step. Our digital marketing agency will engage your users and convince them of the value that you bring.

Website Design – Create a visually pleasing user experience that leads to conversions and delivers value to your audience at every stage of the buying process.

Landing Pages – First impressions are a big deal. Make sure your landing pages are designed to provide the right information, establish trust and deliver industry leading conversion rates.

Blog Articles – Attract top of funnel users with engaging content, and lead them through the buying process by providing helpful information and tools to expedite their process.

Videos – Words and pictures are effective, but sometimes the only way to tell your story is with video marketing. We provide cost-effective solutions including explainer videos, first-person interviews, etc.

Case Studies – Demonstrate your value with professionally written case studies that tell a story with real-world examples showcasing your delivered solutions.

Gated Content – Informational content, like ebooks and white papers, is a great way to provide enough value for visitors to opt-in your email list and to attract backlinks from high-quality referral sites.

Our marketing agency produces professional and engaging content and link them to compelling calls to action to increase conversions on your website and capture “top of funnel” leads for email nurturing campaigns.

Generate Leads

We’ve got the right visitors and we’ve provided them with the right information, now it’s time to find out who they are and convert them into qualified leads for your business.

Call Tracking – Despite online advances, some people just prefer to call. We’ll help you measure and analyze these calls with tracking solutions that integrate with your website analytics and provide visibility down to the keyword and landing page.

Visitor ID – Get to know your website visitors before they contact you. With our marketing automation solution, you can identify the companies and potential contacts as they visit your website.

Display Re-Marketing – It is estimated that the average conversion occurs after 5-7 online touches. In fact, only 2-4% of users visiting your website will convert on the first visit. We help you re-engage these users by reminding them of your brand with targeted display ads.

Online Conversion Forms – From simple contact or sign-up forms to complex quoting tools, we can make it easy for your prospects to engage by providing them with simple, easy-to-use online forms that feed right into your website analytics so you know exactly what’s working.

Lead Scoring – Automated lead scoring identifies hot prospects. Score your leads based on engagement, page tracking, fit and completeness of information. Choose decay to decrease scores during inactivity periods.

Breakthrough Sales Results – In the initial step, we set up analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaign and overall return on investment. Strategy development continues throughout the life of our agreement.

Monthly Campaign Analytics and Reporting – We believe in complete transparency and accountability for our marketing services, which is why we send you a detailed report of our progress each month including hard data from your website’s Google Analytics account.

Regular Client Strategy Meetings – Ongoing dialogue and collaboration is key to making your digital marketing campaigns work. Your account manager will meet with you on a regular basis to review progress, discuss your business and collaborate to implement recommendations based on the current trends and performance.

We’ve found that the most consistent, reliable benefits for our clients happen when they combine our most effective marketing services at once. No single tactic is pulling all the weight, and the specific balance of activities can be adjusted to respond to market fluctuations and opportunities.

We offer a free 1 hour, no sales pitch consult to discuss your objectives and determine what role online marketing should have in your business strategy. And we talk potential return on investment… pick our brains during your free call!

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