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Recent data shows that over 60 percent of online searchers are influenced by social media marketing before making purchasing decisions. That means nearly two-thirds of your potential customer base will interact with your online profiles in some form or another before making a single call or email! 

In the right hands, social media marketing can become a powerful tool for your business, drawing in more visitors and creating incremental revenue. 

But who has time for social media marketing? You’re running a business – you can’t sit around maintaining your social media profiles, creating posts and engaging with your followers. 

Don’t worry – the team at MarketCrest is here for you. 

Social Media Marketing, Amplified 

Our job is simple: We use social media platforms and social media campaigns to promote and strengthen your brand, driving leads and maximizing your revenue using both free and paid social promotion resources. Using cutting-edge planning tools and working with some of the best minds in the business, our social media team can get you the results you want. 

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The Importance of Being Social 

There are over 4.5 billion social media users across all platforms – that’s more than half the world’s population. And according to the data, quality is more important than quantity; that’s why we carefully tailor all our messaging to your prospective clients on the platforms they use. Check out these statistics: 

  • 79 percent of consumers expect brands to reach out within a day after contacting them through social media – but average brand response rates across all industries is lower than 25 percent.  
  • 54 percent of people using social media do so to research products and services.  
  • 54 percent of Gen Z and 49 percent of Millennials say that social media is their “preferred channel for ad influence.” 


How We Build a Social Media Strategy Tailored to You 

We create our social media strategy based on your sales goals, marketing plan, target market and current social media trends. One of the ways we dive into a social media marketing strategy is by understanding the channels your target market uses – we want to meet your customers and clients where they are. In fact, that’s the first step in maximizing your return on investment in social media. 

Then, we get to know your customer’s persona. We take the time and do the research to understand what drives them to make purchasing decisions. 

We don’t stop there, though. We take the time to get to know you and your brand, too. That’s because we need to understand your brand’s voice. Our team will look at your company history, talk to you about your goals and where you’re taking your company next, and even become familiar with your long-term plans so we can help you reach them.  

After we’ve gathered all the data we need, we start reaching out to your customers and clients on the platforms where they’re most comfortable. We create customized messaging that’s always focused and on-brand – we never deviate from your voice, because we’re helping you build something bigger. 

A Quick, Behind-the-Scenes Look at Social Media Marketing  

The average person uses seven different social networks every month, so we put in the legwork to find out where your tribe hangs out. Whether your dream client is using LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, SlideShare, Vimeo or YouTube. After we’ve narrowed down your target demographic’s favorite spots, we begin creating tailored messaging that fits with the platform. 

What Can Social Media Marketing Do for Your Firm? 

An effective social media marketing plan can help you increase your bottom line by building brand awareness and loyalty. When it’s done right, you’ll see people who come to you again and again for your products or services. A good social media marketing plan involves:  

  • Brand-building. Having an effective social media presence isn’t all about advertising. In fact, it’s really about brand-building. Brand-building (that is, making connections with people based on your brand’s ethos and identity) is the most fundamental step in increasing your revenue through social media marketing. 
  • Engagement. Successful social media marketing requires engagement, and it’s a two-way street. We create content (on your company’s behalf) that your clients and customers find irresistible. Then, they comment, “Like” and share. 
  • Referral. A good social media marketing campaign refers people to your website, where the magic really happens. 



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The Skinny on Effective Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is effective when consumers are inspired to engage with your brand, whether you’re running a law firm, a roofing company, or an e-commerce website. Engage doesn’t always mean “buy,” though that’s the desired end result; it means consumers are aware that your company exists and they feel like they could do business with you based on what they know.  

Social media marketing is so effective because: 

  • It enables you to connect with people in a space where they’re already comfortable. In today’s market, consumers turn more and more often to social media for product and service recommendations and to verify the businesses they’re considering. It’s an incredibly effective means of building trust and developing your brand. 
  • The act of using social media (not for marketing, but for entertainment, product research and socialization) is easy and everyone’s doing it. Social media is easy to use and requires little to no technical expertise, making it a very compelling environment for active conversations. (Marketing is a different story – but don’t worry, because we have you covered on that front.) 
  • People thrive on open, direct and genuine conversations. When you put something on social media, you give your audience an opportunity to interact with you in an immediate, direct and genuine way. That’s exactly what consumers want – brands that engage with them.  
  • It enables your company to be present and available, as well as prove that you’re trustworthy. An active social media presence sends a powerful signal that you are open for business and available to interact. It also gives you the opportunity to share valuable information with your customers and clients – but even more importantly, it gives others the opportunity to “Like” and comment on your content. Consumers are more willing to trust information coming from another consumer than they are when the information comes from a business, so your existing clients and customers can actually help your marketing efforts along. 
  • You have something remarkable to say! Our approach to an effective social media marketing campaign isn’t about simply being present and chattering away; it’s about using outstanding content that really connects with consumers, which is what drives more engagement, encourages brand recognition, and above all, promotes brand loyalty. 


How Does Social Media Marketing Work? 

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way everything works – including advertising and brand-building.  

Massive social media websites let marketers use a wide range of strategies to promote content that inspires consumers to take action, and they typically enable marketers to their win on the right audiences based on demographic information provided by users. Social media marketing works best when: 

  • There are clear goals involved. Our social media team gets to know your goals, finds out where your clients and customers spend time online, and even examines the psychology behind what drives your target customer to make a financial decision (such as hiring you to perform a service). 
  • A solid plan is in place. Some types of social media marketing work better on some platforms than they do on others, but we go beyond that rudimentary planning and dive into the details. We look at what types of content we’ll use, examine the brand voice to ensure we’re always on-target, and even determine when the best times are to connect with your audience. 
  • It goes both ways. Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing is a two-way street. It requires engagement on both ends to be successful, and it requires monitoring to find out what people are saying about the posts, the brand and everything associated with the company. 
  • There are strong analytics in place. Reports that tell us how far your posts are reaching (as well as what type of engagement they’re receiving) are incredibly important in determining future courses of action. 
  • Paid advertising is involved. Paid advertising can help increase your reach exponentially, which in turn helps develop your brand. 


What About Social Media Marketing With Paid Promotion? 

If you already have a social media presence, social media paid promotions may amplify your reach and get your ads in front of a highly targeted audience so you are present when clients or customers need you. 

Billions of people worldwide use social media (more than 4.5 billion, to be specific). Businesses all over the world have a social media page or two across a few platforms – but most of them have nothing to show for it.  

We believe that your firm deserves to be noticed… and hired. That’s why we often recommend social media advertising, which gives your brand exponential reach and enables us to deliver targeted ads to exactly the right people.  

Using Social Media Advertising to Your Advantage 

Social media advertising is a massive (and largely untapped) market that our team takes on every day. Our social media management strategy involves detailed plans to put our clients’ posts and ads in front of the right people at the right times – times that result in click-throughs to the client’s website, where financial decisions take place. 

We know how to turn a social media post into a lead-generating machine. 

How Far Can MarketCrest Take Your Social Media Presence? 

We can handle everything about your social media presence. We’ll make sure your brand, name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web, promote your company’s original content and drive internet traffic to your unique landing pages for conversion. 

Our efforts allow you to engage with potential clients in niche spaces, creating new revenue in places you have yet to reach. 

We create a new social media marketing strategy for every client. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and we don’t just throw things out there and hope something sticks. 

Every one of our social media marketing campaigns is designed to: 

  • Put your firm in front of between 2,000 and 5,000 consumers each month. We get people’s eyes on your campaign and on your website. 
  • Deliver between 50 and 150 targeted clicks to your company’s website every month. “Targeted” means the person clicking is the person we want to click – someone who’s on the verge of making a buying decision and only needs the means to do so. 
  • Include posts and ads each month that really resonate with your target audience. We do extensive research and testing to make sure that we are making the right moves on your behalf. 


Our efforts are designed to make social media a reliable source of customers and clients for you. What we do helps you connect with potential clients and increase your chances of being hired. 

Ready to Take Your Social Media Presence to the Next Level? 

When you’re ready to take your social media presence to the next level, MarketCrest can help. Our team can evaluate what you’re already doing, create irresistible social media content that your clients and customers love, and help you increase your profits year after year. Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a social media marketing expert – that’s why we’re here. 

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