Marketing Case Studies

MarketCrest helps you develop marketing strategy, drive website traffic, engage users and generate leads. And we’re great at it.

Enjoy our Branding and Digital Marketing Case Studies, including:

  • The 2017 Hermes Creative Award Winning project for GreenLeaf Industries!
  • MarketCrest turning FCL’s marketing budget, and brand refresh, into a revenue generation initiative.
  • The FDI branding initiative that launched their new product that became a multi-million dollar earner.

Clients are #winning with MarketCrest at their side.

We understand that every client is unique and faces their own set of business challenges. It’s our job to set your brand apart from the competition and improve your marketshare.

We are experts at online marketing, campaigns, creative, production and execution whether you need a new logo, website, landing pages, a boost in SEO, news stories or a unique marketing tool to drive traffic and high-quality leads….we can help.

We’re excited to discuss your marketing and sales goals. Enjoy our marketing case studies, and Get Help NOW! to speak with one of our principals.

Grew Online B2B Lead Generation by 252%

Overview: HingePoint is a software development and consulting company based out of Dallas, TX.  HingePoint partnered with MarketCrest and Improve & Grow to help drive incremental sales of their own consulting services through their website.

Scope of Services:

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Search & Display Re-marketing Ads
  • On-Site & Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization


Results: Grew website traffic by 95% with a 252% increase in online leads generated.

HingePoint MarketCrest Digital Marketing Case Study
Elevated Roofing MarketCrest Digital Marketing Dallas Case Study

Improved Online Roofing Leads by 187%

Overview: Elevated Roofing is a premier roofing contractor operating in Dallas, Texas.  Elevated Roofing hired MarketCrest and Improve & Grow to expand their online presence and improve online lead generation.

Scope of Services:

  • Off-site & On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization & Landing Page Development
  • Content Marketing via Blog Articles, Videos, Press Releases & collateral


Results: Grew website traffic by 65% with a 187% increase on online roofing leads.

Elevated Roofing MarketCrest Digital Marketing Dallas Case Study

350% Increase in Online Sales Leads

FCL Graphic MarketCrest Digital Marketing Case Study

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