Celebrating Excellence: MarketCrest’s Stellar Achievements in 2023!

MarketCrest Award Winning Agency

2023 was an amazing year for the MarketCrest team! We got new team members, new clients and new awards! With immense pride, we’re happy to announce that in 2023, we won four prestigious awards, two each from the Vega Digital Awards and Muse Creative Awards!

A Quintessential Blend of Strategy and Creativity

The awards we’ve received include:

  • Muse Gold Best Agency Award for Best PPC Campaign
  • Muse Gold Strategic Program Award in Search Engine Marketing
  • Vega Gold Award in Digital Marketing (Campaign) for Marketing Effectiveness
  • Vega Gold Award in Digital Marketing (Campaign) for SEM Campaign

These awards spotlight our collaborative project with Warren Law Firm, where we implemented a successful SEM campaign that resulted in significant ROI for the client.

The Story Behind The Success

The partnership between MarketCrest and Warren Law Firm began in December 2021, with an ambitious but achievable goal: reach $3 million in revenue within three years. We rolled up our sleeves and implemented a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign encompassing both SEO and Google PPC. The results? Nothing short of remarkable.

In just 21 months, we saw a 3X revenue increase, from $650k to an astounding $1.9 million, pacing well ahead of our initial three-year target.

The combined efforts in PPC ads yielded a 9X ROI, while our SEO strategy led to a 474% increase in keywords, catapulting organic traffic from a modest 69 visits per month to a whopping 4200.

MarketCrest’s success in 2023 was a testament to the power of a holistic digital marketing strategy. These achievements highlight the financial impact and law firm growth potential when a comprehensive, well-planned marketing approach is employed.

A Global Recognition

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards, a respected industry heavyweight, acknowledged the best in the creative and design realms from over 10,000 submissions worldwide. Our achievements here speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and innovation in an incredibly competitive field.

The Vega Digital Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in digital media, saw over 1,300 submissions from 24 countries. Standing out in such a diverse and talented pool underscores our capabilities in navigating law firm marketing effectively.

Looking Forward

These accolades fuel our drive to keep pushing boundaries, innovating, and refining our strategies to ensure our clients’ success. For law firms and small business owners, these achievements signify what’s possible when you partner with a team that believes in turning your growth visions into reality.

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If you’re aiming to scale new heights and redefine success parameters for your law firm or small business, MarketCrest is the ally you need.

Here’s to more milestones, breakthroughs, and innovations in the years to come. Want to be part of this winning story? Reach out to us and discover how we can elevate your brand to award-winning status!

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