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We have the experience and insights to help business owners thrive in today’s increasingly challenging digital landscape. Our consultants will take a deep dive into your current marketing strategy, evaluate any of your first-time actions, and provide you with proven tactics for success. 

What is Fractional Marketing? 

Fractional Marketing is a way to grow your business by leveraging the experience and knowledge of seasoned marketing executives. 

We’ll act as your company’s Chief Marketing Officer and will be available to work on an as-needed basis, which minimizes costs while providing you with qualified assistance when you need it. The average CMO makes about $250,000 a year. Unless you’re a big corporation, the average business can’t afford that! Fractional Marketing allows you to get the expertise and experience from a big-league CMO for a fraction of the cost. 

Get your marketing consulting and fractional marketing services from seasoned business leaders that have owned and run successful companies plus dramatically transformed companies in your industry. With years of marketing consulting experience, the MarketCrest leadership team has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Tired of missing your revenue targets?

We use our years of C-Level executive experience (both public and private companies) to assess your current marketing condition, challenge the status quo and make lasting and measurable improvements.  

Our marketing consulting and fractional marketing services processes are unique in that we are willing to transfer our knowledge to your team, so you are less consultant-dependent. When you work with the best, you get the best results.  

Do more with less by leveraging MarketCrest's experience to grow your business.

Who Can Benefit From a Fractional Marketing Director? 

 A fractional marketing director might be a good idea for businesses that want to grow their business and need someone with high-level experience in marketing without a quarter of a million-dollar budget. 

The average agency will do tasks such as social media, email marketing and website design, but highly effective marketing campaigns are useless without the ability to close the deal. A fractional marketing director can advise on how to increase your close ratio and land more clients from your marketing initiatives. 

MarketCrest will run your marketing campaigns as well as act as your CMO, providing company leadership to instill marketing and sales initiatives throughout your entire business model.  

The scope of our consulting and fractional marketing services may include: 

Sales Disciplines

  • Corporate & Small Business Strategy
  • Sell/Customer Buy Cycles
  • Selling Processes
  • Outbound Call Techniques
  • Lead Capture & Nurture
  • Inside Sales and List Management
  • CRM Management
  • Referral and Network Marketing
  • Weekly Coaching & Mentoring

Marketing Disciplines

  • Corporate & Small Business Strategy
  • Marketing Budget Development
  • Content Audit and Mapping
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Brand Development

Understanding your Selling Processes 

A customer buy cycle is a phase in the general decision-making process where a customer must purchase a product or service. Marketing campaigns that target this phase of the process include advertising and promotional efforts. Marketing campaigns that target the earlier stages, such as awareness or consideration phases of a customer buy cycle are typically informational in nature. 

Once you get a lead, doesn’t mean the lead will convert. Fractional marketing is about more than just driving traffic to your website or social media page, it’s all about conversion rates and maximizing the customer lifetime value from each sale. Our fractional marketing services will make sure your team is doing everything in their power to help your leads convert to customers. 

Marketing consulting and fractional marketing services can help you achieve these goals by leveraging our expertise in CRM management, lead capture & nurture, inside sales and list management, referral and network marketing and more. 

Corporate & Small Business Marketing Strategies 

The best marketing strategies include both short-term and long-term planning and execution. Marketing consulting services from MarketCrest can help you stay on track with your latest initiatives, while also addressing the long-term goals for your company. Marketing is a critical factor in any business that wants to grow – and our team specializes in helping you do just that. 

A thorough marketing strategy is important for continuing success. Marketing consulting and fractional marketing services from MarketCrest can help you build a company strategy that will work with your budget, sales goals, and market needs. Marketing strategies can be as simple as one-time campaigns or long-term programs that encompass everything from the first contact to customer service.  

Five Signs You Need a Fractional Marketing Director 

1. Marketing and sales are not working together: Marketing campaigns will never be successful if sales are not involved in the process. Sales should be consulted to develop marketing strategies for the leads being generated. Marketing consulting is necessary to get your sales team on board with your latest initiatives. 

2. Marketing is driven by whim and not by a strategic plan: Marketing campaigns take time, energy, and money, and without a strategic plan they will inevitably fail. Marketing directors can advise you on how to increase campaign results with data-driven decisions. 

3. Marketing and sales are understaffed: A big cause of low campaign success rates is staff shortages.MarketCrest’s fractional marketing services can help your team keep up with the demands of campaigns by providing support for sales and marketing. 

4. Marketing budgets are spent in areas with a low ROI: Marketing is an investment, not a cost. But spending your marketing budget in areas with conversion rates or even no way to properly track results limits your ability to grow as a company. Marketing directors will work closely with you in order to develop campaign strategies that fit into your budget and make your investment worthwhile. 

5. Poor customer satisfaction: Marketing cannot be effective without customer satisfaction. Marketing consultants are experts in CRM management, lead capture & nurture, inside sales and list management, referral and network marketing – all of which will help improve your customer experience and grow your business.

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