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McKinney, Texas based,  MarketCrest has joined up with The School of Media & Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University to provide students with the chance to receive college credit by getting internships in online marketing.

The university states that college students have a hunger and strive to learn and use those skills in real life experiences. Internships are a great way for students to use their skills and learn more from their superiors in the workforce. College students want to be molded into what the company needs or wants for internship positions. Those in Stillwater that are interested, can learn more about the program at

Scott Berry of MarketCrest says, “This is the second consecutive semester that MarketCrest has collaborated with Oklahoma State and their intern program. We have been extremely impressed with the work ethic and talent of the OSU students. Our program at MarketCrest is a bit unique in that we insist on paying our interns for their work. We think it sets the tone that creativity and hard work is rewarded. We also ensure that a large portion of their work ends up customer facing.

Micah and Alexandra’s work, from this semester, is present in press releases, blog articles, infographics and slide decks for clients in 3 different states across the U.S.! Both made outstanding contributions during their engagement and will make fine team members when they join the workforce after college. It should be noted that OSU does a good job preparing and coaching their students to be successful in their assignments.” More about the company services can be found at

Interns receive college credit, samples to add to their resume and portfolio’s, exposure to what they might be looking for in a future job. With Strategic Communications being such a broad major, SMSC classes have been able to give students a number of skills in a little bit of everything in the communications field.

Those skills include Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, AP Style, Garageband, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Microsoft Office, public speaking, WordPress, Social Networking, Customer Service, Event Planning, leadership, editing, and others.

Micah Moore, a past intern, states, “I enjoyed a lot about the internship. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the people. My supervisor was always really helpful. He taught me a lot about many different aspects of a Marketing/PR company. He always asked me what I wanted to work on and learn more about. This showed me how important it is to enjoy the people you work with. The employees make the company what it is. I got very blessed to have a great supervisor. I also enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of the job. Being able to schedule my own work hours was amazing. I know this is rare especially for a first job, but it was a good experience.” Other testimonials about the team can be found at.

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