Beginner’s Guide: How Does Pay Per Click Work?

No matter what size your business is, you’ve got to be online. Beyond a website, beyond a blog, online advertising is essential to online success. It’s a wild and crazy world online and you need to have skin in the game to make it. Google ad revenue for the U.S. alone is on track to reach over $26 billion. As a

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Boost Pay Per Click Conversions By Avoiding These 4 PPC Mistakes

If you’d like to get pay-per-click traffic, you need to know about the most common errors businesses make– and how to avoid them. Avoid PPC mistakes here! Anyone with an online presence knows that traffic matters. We’re living in a world with 3.5 billion internet users. That’s a lot of eyes. Internet advertisements expose your product to more people and

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Combine PPC and SEO for Your Best Results Yet

  We’re taking a deep dive into why PPC and SEO are a match made in heaven. Read on for the search knowledge you need to jump-start your marketing campaigns. Okay. You have your website live, your products uploaded, and tons of blogs to make your website Google friendly. But nothing great has happened yet. Sure, SEO is important and

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What Is SEM And Is It Right For Us?

Attracting visitors to your site is absolutely necessary, but it’s harder to do than you might think. As search marketing becomes more and more widespread, your competition is increasing every day. What’s more, small companies have different challenges than big companies—and it isn’t easy for either one. When someone types a word into a search engine, sees a page listed

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