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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Website Marketing Strategies

  Running a business has always required a solid marketing strategy, but this is the Information Age – and now, marketing takes place on more levels than ever before. If you want your business to succeed, you need a strong online presence that follows the most cutting-edge website marketing strategies. The Ultimate Guide to the Best Website Marketing Strategies Your

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Lead Conversion
Website Design & Development

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Improve Your Lead Conversion

Do you want to reduce your website’s bounce rate and improve your lead conversion? If so, you aren’t alone. Bounce rates measure the number of users leaving your website after viewing only one page. According to ConversionVoodoo, the average bounce rate in the e-commerce industry is 33.9 percent. Even if you are on par with your competition, you will still

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What to Check for When Performing Website Optimization
Content Marketing

What to Check for When Performing Website Optimization

Website optimization is a necessity for businesses, organizations and every other entity with a web presence. Proper optimization and maintenance will guarantee your website functions as a meaningful marketing tool. Below, we delve into the basics of website optimization that will keep your website in tip-top shape. A website provides a positive impression that your business needs to make connections

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MarketCrest, LLC Wins Vega Digital Award and MarCom Award

MarketCrest, LLC Wins a Vega Digital Award and MarCom Award

Recently, MarketCrest, LLC received results from both the Vega Digital Awards and MarCom Awards and is proud to announce that the McKinney,TX based marketing agency scored wins on both submissions.   MarketCrest is a boutique digital marketing agency in the Dallas area that manages marketing strategy and delivers campaigns for companies across 5 states and internationally.   Previously this year, MarketCrest

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Why Your Great Website Design is Not Paying Off

There’s no point in having a gorgeous website design if nobody’s visiting. Design is good, but it’s converting traffic that will bring the ROI you crave.  Creating a website that is elegant, user-friendly, full of great content, and converts leads into customers can be very difficult and expensive. As a result, businesses will shy away from the right sized SEO

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10 Marketing Mistakes Your Business Can’t Afford to Make

  Some business mistakes are more costly than others. In the digital marketing world, there are at least 10 marketing mistakes that you simply cannot afford to make and still expect to achieve your revenue targets. Here are 10 huge mistakes to avoid. 1. You Don’t Have A Written Sales Strategy Make sure Marketing and Sales know the revenue target

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How to Increase Traffic Leads And Sales Using Keyword Optimization

More inbound traffic means more leads – and this means more conversions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on why and how optimizing for keywords will increase sales. Who wants more inbound traffic, more leads, and more sales? If you raised your hand, then you’ll definitely want to read on and learn how to use keyword optimization to get more business. You may

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